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Absinthe Rituals

There are different ways how to drink Absinthe. We show you the most common ones and have a video for each Absinthe ritual. You will see, you can prepare your glass of Absinthe either the traditional way (French Absinthe Ritual) or the modern way (Absinthe Pipe Ritual) but you should never set your Absinthe on fire (Bohemian Absinthe Ritual).


Traditional Absinthe Ritual with water and sugar (no fire!)

The original French Absinthe Ritual is comparable with the preparation of Pastis Pernod or Ricard, the follower or substitute of Absinthe after its prohibition. You put one or two sugar cubes on an Absinthe spoon, place it over the glass and fill it with an amount of Absinthe (2 to 4 cl, about a tenth pint). Then gently water is poured over the spoon. The green Absinthe begins to louche into white sage. In former times so called "Absinthe Fountains", "Brouille Sets" and "Reservoir Glasses" were widely used to dissolve the sugar with a thin beam of water which creates the perfect Louche. Please do not burn your Absinthe, setting it on fire is dangerous and destroys the aroma of this very fine spirit.


1. Absinthe, an Absinthe Glass, an Absinthe Spoon, Absinthe Sugar and ice cold water, thatīs what you need for your Heure Verte.

2. Place one to two sugar cubes on the Absinthe spoon and pour the Absinthe slowly over it. (You can also fill the glass first with Absinthe, then the sugar dissolves a bit faster.)

3. Add ice cold water to create the Louche (approx. 1 part Absinthe 3 parts water). For the perfect Louche use an Absinthe Fountain.

4. Finally blend the water with the Absinthe. Your Green Fairy is prepared!


Absinthe Ritual with fire (Bohemian Ritual, not recommended!)

Meanwhile, the Bohemian / Fire Ritual of drinking Absinthe has become very popular. You put one or two sugar cubes on an Absinthe spoon and pour Absinthe over it. Then you light up the sugar and wait until the flames caramelize it. The sugar drips into the Absinthe glass and blends with the Green Fairy. Then water is added to create the Louche. We do NOT recommend the fire ritual, as it stresses the drug-like character of Absinthe. Absinthe is NOT a drug. It is a spirit with history and culture. You will experience a different feeling after drinking a couple of glasses, but you will not hallucinate or freak out, sorry ladies and gentlemen...



Absinthe Pipe Ritual

The Absinthe Pipe ritual is a fascinating way of drinking Absinthe. You fill the Absinthe Pipe with Absinthe, then you add sugar and ice cubes. The next step is to fill the pipe with water. Now the magic moment starts: The Absinthe rises in swirls into the upper chambers of the pipe. After the two liquids are blended you have to blow into the straw and then soak the elixier through the glass straw of the Absinthe pipe. Try it out, it is fun!



Ernest Hemingway usually preferred a variation with Champagne instead of water. There is an infinite variety of Absinthe cocktails, the first historically reported cocktail (the so called Sazerac) was an Absinthe cocktail.

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