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Absinthe Brands

Besides their country of origin you can categorize Absinthe brands according to their Alcohol-Level, their Wormwood (Thujone-Level) and their Anise-Level.

Absinthe Alcohol-Level:

Absinthe has an alcohol-level of 45% to 90% alcohol by vol. (90 - 180 proof). As you blend Absinthe with cold water, a prepared Absinthe contains approximately 14% alcohol. Vintage Absinthes like the legendary Pernod Fils had an alcohol-percentage of 68%. Such an high percentage was necessary, as only such a high alcohol-degree sets free the chlorophyll of the macerated herbs, which give the Green Fairy her green color.

Absinthe Thujone-Level:

Asides from alcohol Absinthe contains a number of different activating ingredients. Among these is thujone, a component of the wormwood plant, known under the name artemisia absinthium. The effects of real Absinthe can be stimulating (but you will not hallucinate!). Today in Germany and other European Countries the maximum thujone content permitted by law is 10mg per kilogram in spirits and 35mg in the so called "Bitter Spirits". Although the myth exists that vintage Absinthes had enormous thujone contents, modern chemical analyses of vintage Absinthes state, that the thujone level in fact wasn't higher than today. Remember, Absinthe is not a drug and thujone is just one facet of Absinthe. You should be fascinated by the whole Absinthe culture, not only the effects of the liquor (read more about the effects of Absinthe here).

Absinthe Anise-Level:

Classic Absinthes use the herb anise as part of their traditional recipes. The only exception are the Czech brands. Because of cultural differences the Czechs prefer other herbs like melissa for the distillation of the Green Fairy. Nowadays you can buy some anise-free Absinthes, as producers adapted to the taste preferences of the modern consumers.

Absinthe Origin:

Absinthe has its roots in the French part of Switzerland. There it was invented and there it was mainly produced back in the day to satisfy the demand of Absintheurs worldwide. In the 19th century France and the French part of Switzerland became the country of origin of the Green Fairy. Nowadays Absinthe is produced all over the world. For example in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Brazil and as well in the USA.

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